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Say No to Massacre – Adopt Animal Birth Control – Anti Rabies Vaccination (ABC-ARV)

Support ABC-ARV programme for a Rabies-free India!

It is estimated that Coimbatore has approximately 50,000 free roaming dogs struggling to exist on the streets. Without a comprehensive spay/neuter program in place to slow and eventually stop the indiscriminate breeding of these dogs, their numbers will continue to increase. This poses increased pressure upon the dogs in their day-to-day struggle to survive leading to increased fighting and disease such as rabies.

Anti-Rabies Vaccination (ARV) programme goes hand-in-hand with the Animal Birth Control (ABC) programme in making India Rabies-free. The data of prevalence of rabies among owned dogs in relation to the methods and procedures for stray dog control has been analysed through many studies. These studies show that, contrary to popular belief, destruction of animals as a means of controlling deadly Rabies is quite unsuccessful. They clearly demonstrate the linkage and prove beyond doubt that the occurrence of rabies in owned dogs steadily declines with adoption of combined with ARV; while the trend is irregular with destruction. Destruction as a procedure proves to be a failure owing to reproduction at the same pace; while not being able to provide protection against Rabies. ABC, ARV and relocation have emerged as time tested procedure to control stray dog population.

We are involved in massively sterilizing and vaccinating dogs against rabies within the city to achieve an over 70% success rate. If this rate of sterilization is accomplished within one breeding cycle, the results are immediate, demonstrating a visual and measurable impact. HAS conducts periodic ARV camps at different locations of Coimbatore city for helping public protect their pets thereby protecting themselves and those around them.


One of the core missions of our organisation is to control the population of stray dogs in the city. We attempt to do this systematically as per the Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) outlined in ABC Dog Rules 2001.

Our team of dog catchers go to a specified area and each day capture 10 - 12 dogs. The dogs are humanely captured using Butterfly nets and are placed in our vehicle to be transported to our clinic. The same day or at the latest the next day each dog is sterilised and vaccinated against rabies. At the same time we mark the dogs so that we know they have been sterilised - this is done by making a notch in the dog's ear. They are then housed in our kennels until they have recovered sufficiently from their operation. This usually takes about three days. The dogs are then returned to where they were captured and released. We keep comprehensive records to ensure that each dog goes back to the same place it was captured from. This ensures a stable population in the area.

At our clinic in Seeranaickenpalayam (within the Shelter provided by Corporation of Coimbatore City) we sterilise and vaccinate more than 100 dogs each month.

If there are street dogs in your locality that need to be sterilised, please give us a call and coordinate with us. A sterilised dog is easily identifiable by its notched ear, meaning the tip of its ear would have a small cut.

We also undertake sterilisations for stray and community cats.