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There are millions of stray and homeless animals in India today. HAS does what is practically possible to control these numbers in a humane way for e.g. by adopting procedures such as Animal Birth Control. But due to financial and infrastructural limitations, it is practically not possible for HAS to individually provide shelter for all these animals. If each one of us were to adopt one stray/ homeless animal, the numbers of those without shelter would become negligible. HAS volunteers trained in dog behaviour will guide the prospective adopters to make the correct choice, and advice the new adopters about dog care, diet, behaviour, vaccinations and grooming.

Prospective adopters would be interviewed by HAS counsellors to ensure that the dog goes to a loving and responsible home. If found suitable, they would be allowed to adopt the dog. The new adopters will be given vaccination certificates, leaflets on dog care and will have our assistance at any step.

The objective of this ADOPTION is to encourage people to adopt dogs that really require a home instead of going and buying one. Hundreds of dogs (abandoned pets) have been adopted by people in the past and have made wonderful pets.

HAS advocates and promotes the adoption of animals as against buying and selling. We conduct periodic adoption camps at central locations in the city, in which abandoned animals, rescue pups and kittens, and foster pups and kittens are put up for adoption. We also facilitate adoptions from our Seeranaickenpalayam unit as well as our VKP sanctuary.