If you love me, I’ll be sure to love you to the moon and back!
Birth July 2018
Sex Male
Death February 2024

R escued after a terrible road traffic accident, this sweet, affectionate boy had to have his right hind limb amputated. However, as with most of our accident victims, he coped well after surgery and was soon up and about on 3 legs. Calm, and preferring to keep his head down when trouble is brewing, this loving dog has forgotten all about his traumatic past and is enjoying a quiet life at the sanctuary.

During the 1st week of January 2024, Anbu started passing blood along with urine and we also noticed that he had a tumor on the dorsal side of the abdomen. Unfortunately, on further diagnosis, we discovered that the tumor had metastasized and had spread to his lungs and spleen. We kept him comfortable to the extent possible, but when he started experiencing difficulty breathing, we had to take the difficult step of putting him to sleep on the 3rd of February. Anbu had endeared himself to his caregivers with his quiet, shy, adorable nature. Fond memories of him will stay evergreen. Rest in peace, Anbu!

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