Animals at HAS

They come in all shapes and sizes, with different histories, characters and disabilities. But they have one thing in common: they are all in need of a helping hand
Animals in the care of Humane Animal Society

The HAS Sanctuary offers a permanent home to animals who have been either victims of road traffic accidents or handicapped due to lack of vision or hearing in old age. These animals, who have overcome great hardship, pain and trauma, need a life-time of care and support to lead happy and fulfilled lives. If you are unable to adopt one of our Sanctuary residents because you already have pets at home or cannot commit to the lifelong care of an animal, sponsoring one of our residents is a wonderful alternative way of helping an animal. By choosing to become a virtual pet parent instead, you get all the benefits of helping care for a needy soul.

A life saving gift of INR 3,000 (USD 50) per month pays for all the care needs of your new virtual best friend, and gives them the assurance that they will remain safe and loved for as long as they need us. To choose your lucky pet, browse through our selection of adorable sponsorship candidates or visit them at the ABC and Rescue Centre or at the Sanctuary. When you become a sponsor, you may actually visit your virtual pet whenever you like, and we will give you regular updates on how they are doing. If interested, we will also involve you in any decisions that may need to be made regarding their health and welfare.

However, almost all the animals in the care of HAS are adoptable or available for fostering. So, if you have ever considered adopting an animal, you will, almost certainly, be able to find a suitable candidate among our residents. Please, browse through for more information about each animals, and for information on how to adopt.

To HAS, every animal is unique. So when animal leaves us, either through adoption or death, they will forever remain in our hearts and memories. We also keep them on our animal remembrance page where you are welcome to visit them.