Graceful, long-legged and elegant, I should have been born a Gazelle!
Birth May 2019
Sex Femle
Death April 2023

A ppu was rescued as a tiny, orphaned pup and now considers HAS to be her family. Living contentedly at the sanctuary, Appu enjoys to be with humans and her canine friends, but would love to experience the joy associated with a home of her own. While it may take a dog like Appu a little while to adjust to her new surroundings if adopted, dogs are versatile, and we’re certain that she’d be soon be showing you what your life has been missing without her in it!

Around the last week of March 2023, Appu started to be picky in her food habits, and blood tests revealed severe anemia. Diagnosed with a condition called Pancytopenia, she underwent a transfusion; but her blood values continued to remain critical. She stayed alert until April 9 when she slipped away across the rainbow bridge. A timid soul, Appu enjoyed a special bond with her caregivers. Run free, Appu!