I’ve earned the right to spend my twilight years relaxing, and that’s just what I’m going to do!
Birth November 2007
Sex Male
Death May 2021

B lacky arrived at HAS after being banished from an apartment complex where she had thrived during her younger days. Having found a farm where she, along with her partner, could be rehomed, both managed to escape from the vehicle en-route. After traversing almost 12 kilometers, Blacky found her way back to the very apartment complex from where she had been banished. Her partner could not be found, though. A kind resident of the apartment who knew of the imminent danger that Blacky may be exposed to, quickly approached us to provide her a safe haven in the Sanctuary and also agreed to sponsor her for life. Blacky took full advantage of her retirement rights! Spending her days lounging around in the shade of the mango trees, she will always have a home with us. In fact, it’s dogs like Blacky who remind us how important it is for an animal to feel safe and loved. You can tell just by looking at Blacky that she is contented and has nothing to worry about, and we are proud that we have given her such peace of mind.

Our regal old lady started showing breathing abnormality and inappetance since the beginning of May 2021 and blood test revealed that she was suffering from chronic kidney disease. She was on fluids for a few days and as her condition deteriorated, we had to take the tough decision to put her to sleep. One of the oldest residents of the Sanctuary, Blacky will always stay alive in our memories.

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