Age is just a number – I’m a senior dog, but I’m very much young at heart!
Birth 2007
Sex Male
Death October 2023

M eet Bob, a distinguished senior dog with a heart full of love and affection. Rescued from a filthy drainage canal, afflicted with anaemia and suffering with a tumor on his leg, this lovable old soul seemed undeterred by his affliction. Following a blood transfusion and surgery to excise the tumour, old boy Bob slowly began to make a complete recovery.

Nowadays, Bob delights in exploring his surroundings and basking in his favourite nooks, and his amiable and composed demeanour render him a perfect match for anyone seeking companionship from a seasoned canine.

Around September 2023, Bob slowed down visibly and his gait started to deteriorate. He was diagnosed with patellar luxation which we decided against intervention due to his advanced age. Bob moved around at will and stayed alert for a few weeks, after which his condition started to decline rapidly. On the 25th of October, we made the difficult decision to put him to sleep. A brave soul, Bob enjoyed a special bond with his caregivers. Run free, Bob! You will be in our hearts forever!!