Bony and Maria

Volunteering at HAS in April 2017

T wo months back, me and my friend Maria spent some wonderful time volunteering in the shelter of Humane Animal Society (HAS) in Coimbatore, Tamilnadu. It took us around 4 hours to reach the place from Mysore, but the views of the Western Ghats kept us enrapt and amazed all the way. Since it was around the starting of summer, the heat of May air had already boiled up when we reached Coimbatore.

Sabina Jousma
Bony and Maria

Working in the shelter was an amazing experience for both me and Maria. The staff welcomed us with warm heart and made us feel like a family from the first day itself and let us indulge in all kinds of activities from giving baths to dogs or taking the dogs for short walks outside the shelter. Every Sunday we met other volunteers from the city who came to give their hands and do their part in helping the animals. Volunteers from all walks of life came and joined their hands in making the shelter full of life and spreading joy all over. Even though some of the dogs were in critical conditions, we took care of them along with the well experienced vets and other staff members and saw the wonderful transformation right in front of our eyes. Maria’s constant love and care for some differently-abled dogs also saw some amazing developments in them by the time we were ready to leave. Those were some inspiring moments for me and made me feel motivated to do more for those other unfortunate stray animals in India.

The shelter is surrounded by trees giving shades all-round the year, making it easy for us to work and giving play time to every dog and cat staying in the shelter. The added advantage of having some delicious local restaurants around made it easy for all volunteers to get food anytime. There is also an amazing sanctuary a little bit fat from the shelter, where some of the animals that cannot be released back into the streets are kept. The place is filled with green grass and a beautiful mango farm with blissful wind blowing always. Any volunteer who is looking for some quiet and solitude, the sanctuary is the best place to be and help out with the animals there.

It was an amazing three weeks in HAS and it also ended in the most memorable way. A German lady had once rescued two female dogs and wanted to adopt both of them. Since she had already left India, the dogs had to be sent with a person who was going back to Europe. Fortunately one volunteer had already taken one of the two dogs few months back and the second one was taken to Germany by my good friend Maria when she left. It would not have been possible without all those good people of HAS and their supporters. It was truly a happy ending, for the dog and for all of us.

Last but not the least, we would like to thank everyone at HAS, who give their heart and soul for the needs of every volunteer and making it easy for us in every way. They are wonderful people without whom, everything mentioned above would not have been possible. Thank you Team HAS! We would like to come again and give our best in making the shelter a wonderful paradise for all those unfortunate animals out there in the street.