My owners gave up on me; but give me a chance, and I’ll never give up on you!
Birth 2016
Sex female
Death July 2023

E very year, animal shelters and rescue organizations are overwhelmed with abandoned pets, who have been cruelly dumped and left to fend for themselves on the streets. Brooklyn was one such pet, probably abandoned when she started showing age-related health issues, such as the onset of arthritis. Despite her depressed state and painful joints, with the help of medicine, supplements, and a whole lot of love and affection, Brooklyn’s mental and physical health started to improve, and now, she is barely recognizable as the dog she once was.

Earning Brooklyn's trust may take time, but once you’ve got it, it will be there for life. Give an abandoned pet the gift of a loving, forever home, and you’ll be rewarded with an abundance of unending love and loyalty – guaranteed!

Around mid July 2023, Brooklyn started to lose appetite, and X Ray revealed a tumor attached to her spleen. She underwent a tumor excision surgery; but did not recover fully. Within a few days after the procedure, she lost appetite again and started to look dull. Even though we tried everything possible, she passed away on the 27th. A silent and majestic soul, she will be forever remembered!