Weasley, Weezer, Flounder, Anokhi, Peanut (and so many more)… they are still in my hearts!

Being an old friend of Mini’s and Madhu’s, I wanted to come and see them and at the same time we thought it was a good idea to spend our vacations in a useful manner. Therefore, we chose to come for two weeks with my daughter, Viveka. Once you are there you realize that two weeks is not enough to really get the most out of it, or rather to give your best. It takes some time to get into the routines, but every day we came I liked what I did ; bathing dogs, walking them, cuddling them, cleaning the cages, helping them to walk … It was so positive to see small dogs, not eating much, growing and Anokhi who was so tiny when we arrived was much stronger at the end. Several dogs were adopted, so happy for Bala – even if I missed her! We also really appreciated all the people working or volunteering while we were there, so devoted, friendly and helpful. A special thanks to Kate! And of course to Mini and Madhu for all the energy they spend.

Nandri, Nandri, Nandri!!!