Csilla Dobos

Volunteering at HAS in February 2019

I arrived to the shelter with little experience, but the staff welcomed me warmly and helped me with everything, for which I am very grateful! I worked 2 weeks with the dogs, and I really gained my confidence and my knowledge on how to treat even a little bit more problematic ones.

Highlights I will remember forever:

  • cute face of Mr Heckles
  • meeting our previous "patient" Blackie on the street
  • seeing Bella covered in mud
  • little puppy falling asleep on my lap
  • seeing Honey as a good swimmer
  • walking Sindu every day and seeing how she is opening up

This place amazed me every day, it was beautiful to see the staff and the volunteers working hard together for the wellbeing of the dogs and to establish the financial background for this purpose. Hope I can come back and work with HAS more in the future!

Csilla is on the right in the top photo, pictured with Giulia Martina who was also volunteering in February 2019.