Just like my namesake, the Daffodil, I am blooming beautiful!
Birth April 2015
Sex Female
Death February 2022

W hen found by kind community members, Daffy had them all very worried when they saw that she didn’t move out of the way of oncoming vehicles and appeared not to hear them. After a check-up with our vets, she was found to be completely deaf, and it was deemed unsafe to return her to the streets. So, this gentle, quiet girl has been living happily with us since then. Understanding hand gestures and facial expressions, Daffy manages perfectly well and needs no special care or treatment.

In early 2021, Daffy started to lose appetite and examination revealed that she was suffering from renal insufficiency. She had been under renal diet and supportive therapy since then; but from early February 2022, Daffy seemed to suffer more. On 8 February, we had to take the difficult step of putting her to sleep to relieve her from pain. She leaves a lot of beautiful memories that will remain evergreen.

All animals adopted from HAS are or will be sterilised for free at the ABC and Rescue Centre. It is mandatory and entirely free of cost for the adopter. Daffy's been sterilised.

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Location Sanctuary
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