David Berger

Volunteering at HAS in November 2019

A t Humane Animal Society, I was involved with walking the dogs and helping to socialize them. I cleaned kennels and assisted with feeding the dogs and refilling water. I was happy to be able to help produce some written content for their website as well. HAS is run very professionally, and I must say it is a relief to see an organization like this in India where there is such a big problem with the uncontrolled street dog population. There are a few people in particular working there whose care and concern for the animals' well-being really inspired me. They work very hard to make a difference in the lives of these animals who need our help. It takes a lot of work to organize something like this. I am grateful I got to be helpful in this effort.

Some of my favorite dogs to work with include: Little Stephie with her sweet singing voice, who always wanted to cuddle. Anik, who always had a heart-melting smile, and who I affectionately nicknamed Anakin Skywalker (who became Darth Vader when I put him in the wheels). And Julie, who always had a calming presence and just loved a nice belly rub. I look forward to coming to stay in Coimbatore again and helping out at this shelter next time I make a trip to India.