Donations save lives!

Humane Animal Society (HAS) depends solely on donations for the general functioning and upkeep of the facilities. Running HAS costs approximately INR 7 Lakh (USD 10,000) per month and every donation makes a difference.

As HAS is registered under the Indian Trust Act, and granted certification as a charity organization under section 12A(a) of the Income Tax Act, 1961, all donations are tax exempted under section 80G of the Income Tax Act.

General donations, asset donations and donations from our Amazon wishlist can be made by following the instructions below. Options for sponsoring of individual animals are found in the animals section of the website. After receiving your donation we will, within 1 week, forward a receipt via email.

Donation information

Detailed information on the nature of expenses and utilization of donations are available below. For more information about the economy of HAS, please refer to our financial reports.

Table 1. Major expenses (monthly) in detail

Purpose Amount (INR) Amount (USD)
Maintenance 40,000 500
Vehicle and fuel 100,000 1,500
Animal food expenses 140,000 2,000
Medicine 210,000 3,000
Animal care 210,000 3,000
Total 700,000 10,000

The table below will give you an idea of the cost for sponsorship of different animals and type of treatments. You may, when you make a donation, specify that you would prefer that your donation is used to cover one of these specific purposes.

Table 2. Utilisation of general donations in detail

Purpose Amount (INR) Amount (USD)
Per cat per month 1,500 25
Per dog per month 3,000 50
Per cow/pony per month 5,000 80
One day of food for all animals in our care 2,500 40
One day of medicine 5,000 80
10 ABCs and rabies vaccinations 12,000 180
All vaccinations for one month 15,000 250

Occasionally, donors express an interest in donating for a specific and significant purpose. We are always on the lookout to enhance facilities at the Sanctuary and equip our clinic with better diagnostic facilities. If you would like to make an asset donation, please consider any of the following.

Table 3. Prices of asset donations

Purpose Amount (INR) Amount (USD)
Kennel (for the Sanctuary) 20,000 320
Urine analyzer machine 40,000 650
Serology machine 150,000 2,500
X-ray machine 150,000 2,500
Ultra sound machine 175,000 2,800
Laboratory (for The Sanctuary) 200,000 3,200