Elena Reiser

Volunteering at HAS in October 2019

M y name is Elena Reiser and I'm a German final year vet student studying in Budapest, Hungary. In our last semester the students in Hungary are doing one semester of different externships at places we choose by ourselves. I´m totally into travelling and due to that I already saw a lot of stray animals being present in high numbers on the streets and suffering from certain diseases and injuries. I already heard of some students that supported shelters and spay/neuter programs in different countries and so I fell in love with the idea to travel to another country supporting a local program that helped animals to improve their way of living. That’s how I came to HAS and India for 4 weeks and my expectations were totally met. What I really liked about the program was, that those animals were respected as an individual being and not only as one out of a thousand others. Apart from some those animals began to trust soon after they came into the shelter and began to be such loving creatures and thankful for every attention they could get.

Additionally it was super interesting to see how the wounds and injuries of those animals improved during our stay and to see, that it´s also possible to do an incredible things for those creatures with just a limited amount of materials and the conservative methods you can do with them. Now, a while after I came back to Germany I sometimes catch myself thinking about those dogs asking myself how they are at the moment and also if I changed something for them. Then I see a new post about Peter alias Hans-Peter for example, a dog that was unfortunate enough to be named by 2 Germans or Penny, which wound we were cleaning every day for 4 weeks. After seeing those posts I can answer myself this question with a maybe yes!