Emanuel Stas

Volunteering at HAS in November 2018

H ello! I am a horse vet myself and wanted to spend my holiday in a meaningful way and so I ended up coming to HAS. I spent two weeks volunteering at the shelter/clinic which has been a great experience in all kind of aspects. First of all, I learned a lot from the two resident vets - Kishor and Jisna. They are doing a great job treating all kind of diseases and helping many animals out of their misery. They have been great teachers, open for all kind of questions and discussions about treatment options and plans. I certainly left HAS with more veterinary knowledge and skills than what I came with!

But of course not only the medical part is important to help these dogs. There is a whole Team at HAS supporting these animals - giving medical treatments, food, a safe environment and even tender, love and care! It was wonderful to see patients evolve throughout their stay at HAS. Going from shy and suffering dogs that lie in a corner of the kennel to happy, playful and energetic dogs! Even though I was only there for two weeks, a bond was created with many of the shelter dogs who loved going for walks and getting some attention. I am very thankful to have got the opportunity to work alongside the team of HAS, who are doing a great job helping these animals in need. It was fun working with them and friendships were created both with animals and humans!

Thank you! Keep up the good work!