I know I look ferocious, but I’m a big softy at heart!
Birth February 2014
Sex Male
Death July 2023

F loki’s story is a complex one, involving abandonment, sickness and injury. Initially wary of humans (and no wonder!), he would snarl at most of us when we approached, and only after a lot of gentle nurturing and patience, did he learn that we were his friends. After receiving treatment for his wounds and special meals to try and get him to a healthy weight, Floki slowly allowed us to take him for walks and spend time with him, he even enjoyed a much-needed bath! While the distemper that he previously suffered from has left him with some health issues and a set of badly disfigured teeth, there is no doubt that his loving heart is in excellent working condition!

Since the beginning of 2023, as age advanced, Floki became slower and his appetite had reduced. He was being maintained on a semi-solid diet. On July 28th, he looked a bit dull and showed no interest in food. He passed away the next day. Floki stayed alert till the end and left this world on his own terms. We are grateful to have given him a few happy years. May his soul rest in peace!