Flora Berthier Duboz

Volunteering at HAS in October 2018

I chose to make an internship in HAS for one month within the framework of my veterinary studies and with the aim of improving my surgical and medical skills. However, my adventure in this shelter does not amount to it; indeed, I acquired veterinarian skills but also human skills, which will remain, in my memory forever. When I arrived in HAS I was welcomed warmly by all the team, the veterinarians very quickly put me in confidence and let practise. After a week, I knew the name and the pathologies of various dog what allowed me to help the team in realizing care and realise myself some of the basic care. I was also able to assist surgeries in the clinical year with the help of the two surgeons

This internship thus allowed me to acquire surgical skills but also medical, due to the multitude of pathologies that I have seen. I was also able to see and to discover another type of veterinary medicine with a context very different from France and with appropriate constraints of a rescue shelter. Moreover, I have discovered the phenomenal work that this wonderful team of animal lovers do every day to take care of these dogs and cats who really need them. I warmly thank the entire team with a special thank you to Dr Jisna, who always took the time to train and explain everything to me, and all the shelter staff who readily welcomed me into their fold!