I might look wise beyond my years, but I’m just a big kid at heart!
Birth May 2018
Sex Male
Death January 2024

W ith his striking features and soft-hearted nature, this cheeky chap won us over from the minute he came through our gates as a 6 week-old pup, and even while he must have been in pain from having been hit by a car, not once did we hear him complain. Brave boy Flounder sadly never regained any use of his hind legs, but this didn’t stop him from becoming the top dog in our kindergarten, and a firm favorite of everyone at Team HAS.

On the 3rd of January 2024, Flounder was found with a bloated stomach with difficulty breathing. He underwent emergency surgery but succumbed to peritonitis on the 5th. Flounder remained a happy camper until his last days and will be remembered with utmost fondness.

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