I’m so full of love, I think I could burst! Do you need any extra love? I’m giving it away for free!
Birth May 2016
Sex Female
Death March 2023

T his friendly and playful pooch's life turned upside down when a horrible road traffic accident tore the skin on her hind limb apart, exposing the muscles and bone beneath. Fortunately, Fuji's injury wasn't as severe as it initially seemed, and after a brief period of recovery, she was back scampering around as if nothing had happened! However, with slight limp and no one in the community to help watch out for her, she made her home with us.

Around mid March 2023, Fuji started to look dull with a low appetite. Our worst fears proved true when blood tests revealed kidney failure. She was on and off treatment and we maintained her as comfortable as possible. She stayed content until March 30 when she passed away in the early morning hours. A beautiful and loving soul, Fuji shared a strong bond with all our staff members. May her soul rest in peace!