Okay, so I’ve got a little limp - who hasn’t got something that doesn’t make them perfect?
Birth 2022
Sex Male
Adoption May 2023

Q uite the intrepid and charismatic explorer, Giles was saved as a wee pup with a dislocated forelimb (probably as a result of some mischievous escapade!), and his injury required a lengthy period of immobilization. While the injury left its mark in the form of a limp, this indomitable dog has such an unbridled enthusiasm for life and a keen sense of duty, that you barely notice such a tiny little imperfection!

Giles' love for food and people is infectious, and he’s more than ready to embark on the next chapter of his life with a loving family. Requiring no special care or treatment (just plenty of love and cuddles!), this fun-loving pooch is yours to cherish.