Giulia Martina

Volunteering at HAS in February 2019

I spent 45 days with HAS family. Was my first experience in a dog shelter and I had no clue about all the diseases that these dogs can get and the relative treatments. The staff were really kind and patient when answering my questions and taught me the right way to handle everything. You're free to cuddle, bath and take for a walk almost every dog who's there and they won't miss to show you so much love in return. However, in addition to the care part, this shelter is also a clinic for all those dogs who have health issues such as mange, broken legs and more serious diseases so you'll definitely have the opportunity to learn how's the best way to cure them.

I also had a chance to take a two-day class with Rachel Bean RVN from the UK who taught us few physiotherapy/hydrotherapy exercises to do with the paralyzed puppies. We started doing physiotherapy sessions every day and was amazing to see how they improve and how quickly some dogs can recover if you do the right thing. Scooby and Ralph started walking on their own and every day you could see a small, but consistent, improvement. It’s great to see how easily you can create a deep connection with the dogs and is just amazing when you realize that they trust you enough to allow you to do things that you couldn't do at the beginning. I loved my time at the shelter and I would definitely come back if I have the chance.