HAS in the media

March 2006 - March 2022

H AS frequently feature in the media. This is mostly because our effort to improve the lives of animals gets a lot of media traction, but also because we have an active outreach policy. With awareness and information, people are much less likely to be indifferent or contributing to animal suffering. By making sure our work is made visible and publicised, we believe the lives of animals will, ultimately, improve.

HAS in the media archive

Whenever HAS feature in the media, one of our team members will be equipped with a pair of sharp scissors, and other relevant tools, and sent out to hunt down a physical copy of the news story. It ends up as a clipping that is scanned and uploaded to the website. At least, that is how it was in the old days in the not so distant past. These days, many of the news articles featuring HAS will also be available online. However, to save these for the future, we make a copy, either as an image file or pdf, and save it on this page. So, please do dig in. If you find an article that is not listed here, please consider forwarding it as we do strive to obtain at least some level of completeness.