Isaac and Linh

Volunteering at HAS in July 2019

T he team at HAS was very friendly and caring toward us and the animals. We spent our two weeks there getting to know each and every one of the dogs, and grew to love them. The work that the staff does to help with the animals is no easy task. Working for days on end for years can become rather tiring, but they continue to persevere and care for these animals day in and out. Many of these animals have never had meaningful experiences with humans or have been neglected, thus it is very refreshing going to a place where they are so loved by the volunteer staff. We are really glad to have had this experience because it has opened our perspective to a new world of care in our lives. This is not an easy job, but the HAS team does it regardless. We are grateful for having had the experience to be at this specific facility. We hope to be back soon to help!