Cheerful and fun-loving, and, just a little bit, grumpy!
Birth April 2009
Sex Male
Death February 2021

L Long term shelter resident, Joy, was over 12 years old when he died on 25 February 2021. After spending more than 7 years with us, guarding the shelter and its animals, it was time for us to bid him a tearful adieu.

Having initially come to us with a staff member, the usually cheerful and fun loving (but occasionally grumpy!), Joy, chose to stay with us when his companion left, and proved to be a highly sensitive and alert dog. All worries about shelter security dissipated with him around, and while he had always been blessed with good health, old age eventually caught up with him and he was diagnosed with lymphoma, and renal insufficiency - both of which were incurable. His absence has indeed left a huge void and while Joy can never be replaced, neither shall he ever be forgotten!