I’m not lazy, I’m just taking things easy!
Birth December 2014
Sex Female
Adoption August 2020

J ulie was brought to us by her owner with a huge and painful wound on her ear, and myriad wounds on her teats and other areas of her body. Having been used for breeding purposes and clearly neglected, she was surrendered to our care where she has remained ever since.

Trusting and affectionate despite her previous experiences, Julie is loving and loyal in equal measure. Enjoying naps, food, tummy rubs and gentle walks, she is an easy dog to please and asks for little from us in return.

Julie is the perfect pet for a family, and would even suit an older owner, since she requires only gentle exercise and a lot of love. Good with dogs of a calm nature, she loves all people equally and is very obedient.

All animals adopted from HAS are or will be sterilised for free at the ABC and Rescue Centre. It is mandatory and entirely free of cost for the adopter. Julie's sterilised.