Kate Blanchard

Volunteering at HAS regularly

H aving seen the plight of street animals and finding few like-minded people who wanted to help them, I was desperate to try and help the injured, abandoned and orphaned street animals here, in whatever way I could. A few months ago I happened to see a post on Facebook for charity calendars being sold via a local bakery, and I quickly got in touch with them to find out more. I was overjoyed to discover an organisation that was run by such enthusiastic and passionate people, and I can honestly say that finding out about HAS in Coimbatore has changed my life in a truly positive way.

Thanks to HAS, I am now a proud foster parent (currently fattening up a little orphaned puppy, and previously had four little sisters in my care), and I can’t tell you how much joy these sweet, abandoned souls have brought me. Puppies can be demanding at times, but the satisfaction of seeing how a little tender, loving care and nourishing food can help them change from neglected and often frightened young animals, into confident, healthy puppies is hard to put into words. All they need is a safe environment, plenty of cuddles and regular food, and they will thrive, no matter where you live or how much space you have, or don’t have (I live in a 7th floor apartment with only a balcony as outside space). Most young pups are keen to eat whatever you put in front of them, so provided the meals are nutritious and don’t contain any food items that dogs shouldn’t consume, you won’t struggle with fussiness like you might with young children! They also sleep a lot, which leaves you with plenty of time to fit in your chores or trips to the supermarket etc. But nothing beats the adorable mischief of innocent puppies, and I can guarantee that they’ll brighten your day without even trying! But if foster care isn’t for you, you could always volunteer with HAS, as I have also done.

HAS runs a busy clinic and shelter, and also has a sanctuary where the dogs (and other animals) live happily in a safe and friendly environment, and volunteers are always appreciated at both facilities. The staff are completely dedicated to their cause and have all been really kind and welcoming to me, even helping to arrange my transport to and from the shelter when I volunteered there.

If you’re also looking for a way to give something back to the abandoned animals of Coimbatore, then HAS is definitely the place for you.