I am the legendary guru of mischief
Birth October 2021
Sex Male
Adoption May 2023

I t was truly unfortunate for Krish to fall victim to an accident resulting in a leg fracture when he was minding his own business wagging his tiny tale and demanding cuddles from his community members. He won our heart the moment his rescuer brought him to us for treatment. It was truly surprising to see the sheer determination this tiny bundle of joy held within to bounce back to his former self. This made his entire recovery journey a breezy one.

Krish has a dynamic disposition. For a four-month-old pupper, he is all about giving and receiving love while maintaining his need for personal space. He adores the company of humans so much that he would be the ideal match for anyone who is looking to raise a single pet. This tiny fur ball doesn’t suffer from separation anxiety, which we guess comes from his need for personal space!

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