My disability just makes me more memorable
Birth September 2015
Sex Female
Death March 2021

O ne of our friendliest and most loving permanent residents, this young lady was rescued as a teenage puppy with a deformed paw. Whether the result of an accident or a birth defect, we aren’t sure, but what we are certain of, is that Kurinji didn’t know she was any different! Highly affectionate and always ready with a smile and a wag of her tail, and ever cheerful.

On 7 March 2021, Kurinji, suddenly passed away. She was normal and active, playing in the water trough as she normally does in the afternoons. A few minutes later, the caretakers, while serving meals, saw that she was missing. On searching, she was found struggling for breath a bit further away. She passed away soon after before we could get any veterinary help. Her infectious charm and exuberance will be missed dearly. RIP, Kurinji!