Management Team

HAS Management Team comprises of our trustees and board members who are passionate about the cause and, are also able administrators. They strive hard to take HAS to new heights every day!

Dr. Mini Vasudevan
- Managing Trustee

Mini Vasudevan is an engineer by profession who strongly believes that making a difference is as important as making a living. An ardent animal lover, she had a special connection to animals, right from a very young age. She was involved in animal welfare activities for several years both in India and abroad before co-founding Humane Animal Society (HAS) at Coimbatore in 2006. She has been the Managing Trustee of the organization since inception and takes immense pride in the various activities HAS undertakes and the difference the organization has been able to make in the lives of countless animals.

Dr. Madhu Ganesh
- Trustee

Madhu Ganesh is one of the founder trustees of HAS and is a mechanical engineer and professor by training and profession. His interest in animals started with having pets like many others, butthen it became more general towards all animals and nature at large, as he learned about environmental and ecological issues, extinction of fauna and flora due to human intervention - intentional and unintentional. Madhu Ganesh, believes in doing what is possible within his reach, to help in the welfare of all animals, particularly those who are in need of assistance, and also engage in all activities that will enable a betterinteraction and association that will promote a symbiotic relationship of humans and other species.

S. Christopher Arvinth
- Trustee

Christopher had always been fond of animals, whether they were house pets or animals on the street. He could never bear to see them suffer. His constant quest for opportunities to help animals in distress is what eventually led him to HAS in 2007 and he has been a trustee of the organization since then. An entrepreneur at heart, Chris strongly believes in giving back to society in whatever way possible. In addition to HAS, he is also involved in several community service initiatives through Rotary and Round Table. A business and finance graduate, he is the CEO and managing director of Stalwart Security Services India Ltd. which is a proud corporate sponsor of HAS.

Manav V.Mehta
– Trustee

It all started in August 2007 when His friend gave Him a mongrel, He name the dog Rocky. In early 2008 He heard about HAS and attended the first volunteers meet at the shelter, since then there wasno looking back for him. He got involved in the activities of HAS and became the Trustee of the organisation. He is passionate about Social welfare involving Environment, Humans and Animals. His belief is "when God has given me more than what I need, I should share it".

He is into Distribution business for a living but takes out time to participate in a lot of social activities. He is also passionate about reading and Travelling and has a love for Art, Crafts, Antiques and Classic cars.

Sylvia Chandel
– Board Member

Sylvia Chandel - Our Board Member has always rooted for the underdog. Born with a passionate sense of fairness, she bristles at the injustices animals suffer in all aspects of human life. She is a proud supporter of HAS and throws her weight behind the team to make the world a better place for everyone, both animals and humans, as she believes in win-win society with moral progression and kind interdependence.

A corporate banker by profession, Sylvia is based in Dubai, where she gets involved in local animal welfare, but doesn’t let geographical distance get in way of her active engagement with HAS. Her dream is to take HAS to new heights for four-lagged's well-being. And she is determined to do that.

Mona Kumar
- Board Member

Mona Kumar is part of the Governing Board of HAS, and has had a strong affection for animals for as long as she can remember. Over time, this love for animals led her to get involved sporadically in rescues, feed and care for strays, and adopt more than a few. Becoming part of HAS gave her the opportunity to stay more committed and involved in animal welfare on a regular basis.
Mona is into business research professionally, and is based out of Hyderabad. Her home town remains Coimbatore, so she visits regularly.
Mona believes the joy animals bring to one’s life is unparalleled, and that we should tirelessly endeavour to help as many animals as we can, in any way we can, with the limited resources available to us.

    Team HAS