Our Team

Our dedicated staff include medical professionals, trained rescuers and loving care-givers who have the welfare of animals as their top priority.

Dr. Nimisha M
– Resident Veterinarian

Dr. Nimisha had completed her post-graduate studies in Veterinary Parasitology and was working as an emergency veterinarian at the District Veterinary Centre in Kannur before joining our team in September 2019. Having extensive experience conducting Animal Birth Control surgeries, she is a perfect fit to our team as we are one of the busiest shelters in the city. She is meticulous in her work and has a vibrant personality. A wonderful team player, Dr. Nimisha communicates effectively with volunteers and visitors alike, and her friendly nature and down to earth personality is commendable.

Dr. Dilna K P
- Resident Veterinarian

Dr. Dilna has been with us since September 2019. One of our two resident veterinarians, she has completed her B.V.Sc degree from Thrissur college of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Husbandry. Prior to joining HAS, she also has 2 years of experience working in an Animal Birth Control centre at Kannur. Dr. Dilna is very committed and sincere towards her work and always keen on developing her skills. Apart from the regular duties of caring for more than 100 shelter animals every day and conducting surgeries, she is also responsible for the upkeep of daily veterinary and shelter records, and shares the responsibility well with her co-workers. She is a good team player and has fitted in very well with our current team.

Dr. T. R. Jayakrishnan
- Consultant Veterinarian

Our Consultant Vet Dr. Jayakrishnan is a stalwart and a luminary. At a relatively young age he has packed an exemplary 20 years’ experience in various areas of animal welfare – wildlife rescues, disaster management, expert consultant on rehabilitation & conservation, rabies control, animal advocacy, shelter & gaushala management, the list goes on. In Nepal, he has represented Government of India on sloth bear rehabilitation & repatriation. In Agra during one of the worst flooding disasters, he successfully rescued 77 bears in less than 10 hours. In Mathura, he worked with elephants for their rehabilitation, and in Pune he put his efforts for leopard conservation. He wears many hats – Welfare Officer of AWBI, Nominee of CPCSEA for Institutional Animal Ethics Committee, Wildlife Veterinary Consultant for Madurai Forest Division, Executive Director for Madurai Blue Cross and Executive Committee Member for Madurai SPCA. HAS is fortunate to gain from his rich experience and is proud to learn all aspects of animal welfare from his skillful knowledge and expert guidance.

Dr. M. Sugumaran
- Consultant Veterinarian

Our Consultant Vet, Dr M.Sugumaran, a Post Graduate in Animal Management from Germany also has a diploma in General Management from prestigious Institute for Rural Management (Anand) under his belt. His passion for animal welfare made him leave the security of government job and care for community dogs, cats, donkeys and cattle as full-time veterinarian. He has expertise in large scale spay/ neuter programs and has conducted over 3000 successful surgeries so far. His sound judgment has helped HAS in many complicated diagnostic and surgical cases. He introduced improved ABC surgery techniques in 1996 that facilitate Catch Sterilize Vaccinate and Release (CSVR) which are now being practiced widely by many NGOs. Like his many graduate protégés, HAS continues to be guided by him in performing ABC surgeries and other animal welfare activities.

Dr. C. B. Raj
- Voluntary Veterinarian

HAS is privileged to have the voluntary services of Dr. C. B. Raj, a retired Government Vet. Dr Raj has spent majority of his career specializing in large animal care. Post his retirement from government service, he joined HAS as Program Director during which time he was able to give direction in administration of kennels, conduct vaccination camps, conducting lectures and promoting awareness about Rabies across the city. In 2014, he decided to embrace a well-deserved full time retirement. However, his love for HAS keeps him involved on a voluntary basis by readily assisting us in out-patient cases as well as adoption camps. A seasoned professional, he is undoubtedly a valuable asset for HAS.

Alphonse Xavier A.
- Program Manager

Alphonse Xavier has been with HAS as our program manager since April 2015. An enthusiastic and energetic person, he is well appreciated by one and all. He manages the accounts and meticulously supervises all activities of HAS on a day-to-day basis. In addition to supporting the HAS management in planning future activities, he also responds to the several enquiries that come our way everyday. A computer science graduate, he has also completed an MBA degree.

Vivek paul
- Communications Coordinator

Vivek Paul has been with HAS as our Communications Coordinator since May 2017. He must have been loving kids since he was a teacher before joining us, but it appears that he loves animals just as much! A true animal magnet, he is always seen in their company, whether it is at the shelter or the sanctuary. The bond seems mutual as the animals too respond in equal measure and are often seen vying for his attention. Vivek is an excellent team player and has seamlessly integrated with the HAS community. He demonstrates great passion for his work and in addition to his job responsibilities, always makes himself available for any emergencies even at short notice.

Kate Blanchard
- Volunteer Coordinator

Kate Blanchard has been our Volunteer Coordinator since December 2015 when she accidentally stumbled upon EveryLife 2016 – our annual fundraiser calendar, at her favourite café in Coimbatore. As someone who enjoys working with animals, it was love at first sight for her and there was no turning back since then. Kate hails from UK and has worked in various capacities in the past – as a community mental health worker and as a rehabilitation officer. At HAS, she likes to take upon challenging cases involving animals and leaves no stone unturned when it comes to improving the quality of life of any animal that she comes across.
She nurtures a vibrant volunteer program for HAS, especially engaging our overseas volunteers. Friendly and cheerful, she is also a skilful writer who is very meticulous about the style and accuracy of content. She loves writing about the animals at HAS and also helps edit our monthly newsletter. Her presence has helped improve our visibility and reach by leaps and bounds.

Heena Acharya
- Humane Education Officer

Heena Acharya joined our team as the Humane education officer from April 2017. Her experience as a school teacher helped her fine tune her skills, which comes in very useful when spreading awareness to the public, where her word reaches out to everyone effectively. She conducts Humane educational programs at schools, where we reach out to kids and spread awareness, which is one of the most effective ways of bringing a positive change. She loves kids and they love her back creating an aura of fun. The sessions between Heena and the school kids are very interactive where kids are at the edge of their seats, waiting eagerly to witness something new. She improvises as she goes and incorporates new aspects in every session, which make the sessions interesting as well as entertaining.

D. Sivakumar
- Shelter Manager

Siva Kumar works as the Shelter Manager of our Seeranaikan-palayam facility and is a great asset to our organization. He has been with us since 2008 and has been instrumental for many positive developments at HAS. He has excellent organizational capabilities and always takes great pride in his work. He manages the shelter-staff and also coordinates rescues, vaccination drives and adoption events. He also ensures that the shelter protocols are followed and the premises are kept neat and tidy.

Pratik S
- Shelter Manager

Pratik S began working for HAS in August 2017, and is one of our shelter managers. He is responsible for helping to coordinate rescue operations, monitoring the welfare of every animal under our care, and maintaining diet plans for dogs with special dietary needs.
Having previously worked at a shelter in a variety of roles, and being involved in rescuing animals in a voluntary capacity from a young age, Pratik has a wealth of experience. To add to this, he has also completed his HAWO training and his love and respect for animals comes through in everything that he does. Continually seeking to improve the lives of every animal at our shelter, his energy is contagious, and he is a very valuable team member.

R. Balakrishnan
- Veterinary Assistant

Balakrishnan has been with us since 2011. He is one of our Veterinary Assistants who also doubles up as an ambulance driver when required. He has helped in getting many adult dogs adopted, and today all the canines he found homes for, are happy with their families. He periodically visits these homes and personally ensures the welfare of the dogs he has re-homed. He has assisted in many important surgeries and is known to make even highly hostile dogs friendly. He has also been a part of many rescue operations, and is familiar with every nook and corner of the city.

S. Siva Kumar
- Veterinary Assistant

Siva kumar comes with several years of experience as a veterinary assistant. He has been with us since 2008 and hardly misses a day of work. He is available round the clock, and has even attended rescue calls at midnight. He has a good knowledge about treatments through practice and years of experience. He has a special way of caring for orphaned and abandoned animals and uses this experience to teach basics to foster parents and those taking up veterinary assistant course at HAS.

V. Vincent
– Animal Handler

Vincent has been with us since 2007 and is one of our longest serving staff. Always the first one to arrive and start work, he has done several rescues under difficult circumstances. He ensures that each rescue activity is a well planned one and everything goes according to his plan. We proudly call him as our Rescue specialist and he always has interesting stories to narrate about his myriad experiences. He also plays an active role in our ABC operations, vaccination drives and adoption events.