Mr. Heckles

Not just Heckles, call me Mr Heckles!
Birth June 2018
Sex Male
Death Januar 2024

R escued with a fractured femur, Heckles was recumbent for several days after the rescue. All he needed was a little nudge and support from his two-legged friends at the shelter, he was back on his feet again. He fought the toughest battle of his life and now stands tall as proud survivor!

Mr. Heckles is an affectionate and quiet boy who is patiently awaiting his forever home. He loves his canine companions and would do well with other animals, given proper introductions.

Mr. Heckles appreciates gentle affection and will happily soak up all the chin and head scratches you can give. He would love to have someone to sit on the couch with him and keep him company! If you’re searching for a calm dog to shower with love, look no further! Heckles is waiting for you to come meet him!

Since December of 2023, Heckles had not been doing well with a urinary tract infection and was under treatment. On January 26th, 2024, he seemed dull and had difficulty passing urine. We had scheduled an explorative surgery on the 27th when he collapsed while under anesthesia. The post-mortem revealed a rupture of the urinary bladder with extensive pus formation. Heckles was a very dear companion to everyone at HAS and his absence will be deeply felt. May his soul rest in peace!

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