Mukul Anand

Volunteering at HAS regularly

M y association with dogs didn’t really begin with the best of notes (a bite and the consequent injections) in childhood but over the years, I came to love the creatures for the purity in their hearts. I did enjoy patting the fur babies occasionally, but I still didn’t have the courage to have a close relationship with them, thanks to my first encounter.

It was the start of second year of college and my second year in the city. I was desperately looking for animal welfare organisations to make a real difference in lives. A Google search led me to Humane Animal Society. I started volunteering back in July 2017 with no prior experience with handling dogs but as time passed, I grew extremely comfortable with the tasks at the shelter.

Being a hosteller, I could only spare the weekends and other holidays to volunteer, but the experience is totally worth it! HAS is not just about the bonds you make with the pooches but also about the bonds with amazing people that you come across, be it the staff or fellow volunteers from all over the world. HAS is without a doubt one of the best things about Coimbatore and volunteering here is a decision I’ll cherish for life!