My best friend might be a dog named Azhagan, but I’ve got room in my life for you, too!
Birth November 2012
Sex Female
Adoption February 2022

T he word characterful was definitely invented for a dog like Nora, who has a huge personality! While she had been in an accident and was clearly suffering when rescued, that didn’t stop her from showing her excitement to be surrounded by so many humans, and it wasn’t long before she made a name for herself at our ABC and Rescue Centre, and for all the right reasons. A shiny black bundle of love, fun and energy, she was rarely seen without her best friend, Alazhan.

Nora started to lose appetite in early February 2022, and she seemed tired and dull. On examination, she was running a high temperature and while under treatment, she passed away suddenly on 3 February. Post-mortem revealed extensive tumors on her liver and spleen. We are grateful that she did not suffer and passed away peacefully knowing that she was loved and cared for. She leaves a lot of beautiful memories that will remain alive forever.

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