Having one eye just makes me more alert!
Birth June 2017
Sex Female
Death March 2022

S uch a tiny pup when rescued, Olly had suffered an injury in which her eye had been damaged beyond repair, but we knew right away that her spirit wasn’t damaged! This lap dog takes cute and cuddly to dizzying new heights, and while she may be a little timid around those she doesn’t know, a few treats and a tummy rub will soon see you becoming her new best friend.

Around late February 2023, Olly started losing appetite, and blood tests revealed kidney insufficiency. She was under treatment and had been maintained on a renal diet since then. Unfortunately, her kidney values did not improve and her appetite kept on and off. She stayed alert until March 16 when she slipped away to cross the rainbow bridge. A shy soul, Olly had endeared herself to everyone during the few years that she shared with us. May her soul rest in peace!