Put me in my walking wheels and I’ll follow you to the ends of the Earth!
Birth September 2018
Sex Female
Death June 2023

A nother young pup struck by a vehicle, poor Pengu was in a sorry state when rescued and rushed to our clinic. With a severe spinal injury, she struggled to move around and quickly grew frustrated with her situation. However, with lots of support from us and dogged determination on her part (pardon the pun!), Pengu grew stronger, and after her first go in the walking wheels, there was no stopping her… literally! Racing around the shelter at breakneck speed in search of treats and/or cuddles, this determined, loving and playful pooch never feels sorry for herself and wherever there is fun to be had, that’s where you’ll find her!

On 18th June 2023, in an unexpected fight that broke out among the dogs in her enclosure, Pengu succumbed to injuries and passed away in the early hours of morning. We mourn her loss deeply. May she rest in power!

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