Volunteering at HAS regularly

H AS holds a special place in my heart for plenty of good reasons. I kept coming back to the shelter even when I had to discard my traveling plans a few times and still have not got enough of HAS. In total, I have been a volunteer there for roughly 3 months and my experience there is undoubtedly exceptional!

The first thing to be aware of is that the shelter is primarily built for ABC program but still puts a lot of effort in rescuing and facilitating treatment/ care for as many animals as they could, from abandoned dogs to severely injured ones. You would see animals coming in with all kinds of horrible conditions who need love and special medical care. It has been surprising for me all the time to see how a near-to-death animal can recover and thrive later, thanks to the persistence and patience of the staffs and of course, to the extra love and daily observation (including diet, behavior, healing process, etc.) they couldn’t get from anyone else but the volunteer team. This is where you would find the work at the shelter challenging yet very rewarding.

However, as life is tough, you should be mentally equipped for some critical moments between life and death of the animal. These moments have served me well as a motivation to more endeavours to let the animals know that they are given proper attention and not to give up. You will never know how much 15 minutes spent just sitting and soothing each animal means to them. So make sure you could at least give them that mental support among a lot of other tasks at the shelter that you could contribute depending on your preference.

Admittedly, like any organizations, HAS does have its opportunities for improvement. The management works under many constraints and there are several aspects that would need to be considered before making drastic changes. Stay humble, observe more, learn more about why they do what they are doing and you will reckon where you should stand and what you can contribute to this place. And maybe, you will fall in love with HAS as hard as I do.

Thank you everyone for making HAS the way it is now so I could see myself as a part of it. I am looking forward to working with you again.