Volunteering at HAS regularly

S ick at home led me to search for a family full of fun and frolic and abundance of love. This search ended at the Humane Animal Society where the lesser cared species of the planet were treated the best and in turn, you meant the world to them. Spending some valuable hours at the society became essential for a happy life for me although my attendance at college hit rock bottom! At the society, I have been able to learn to bathe, treat wounds and skin conditions, learn about diseases in dogs and de-tick. The bond I have developed with some of these dogs is so deep that the people at the society refer Shero the pom as my girlfriend and I must admit she will always hold a special place in my heart. Weezer and Russell are two other dogs that I share special bonds with. At home, they said no to pets but after volunteering at the society, I am glad they said so because today I beam with pride that I have not one or two, but a family of almost a hundred pets.