Sarah and Danille

Volunteering at HAS in July 2018

O ur time at HAS was a tough but deeply rewarding experience. The whole team of staff and volunteers of HAS extend themselves so much for the welfare of animals in Coimbatore. The motley crew of dogs and cats at the shelter are treated with unconditional love and care. I'm so grateful for the opportunity to take part in this much-needed initiative, even though it was only for two weeks. We were very sad to say goodbye and would love to come back again and contribute more!
Sarah LO

My experience at HAS is one I will never forget. Everyone at the shelter was really lovely and helpful in showing us around and making us feel at home. Team HAS consists of really hard-working and compassionate people. Every day at the shelter was a busy one with us cleaning, taking the dogs for walks, playing with puppies and helping the animals feel more comfortable. All the animals there gave us lots to laugh (and sometimes cry) about. We were especially grateful when we got the opportunity to renovate the cattery! Volunteering with animals at a shelter that is run and managed by such passionate people has been an unforgettable memory during my time in India. I hope to return to HAS to help them continue with the incredible work that they are doing. Thanks to everyone we met on our journey and for the work they are doing at HAS.
Danielle Andrea