Birth April 2012
Sex Male
Death February 2022

H aving been with us since 2014, Silencer quickly became a treasured member of our furry family, and a visit to our sanctuary was never complete without a friendly hello from this cheerful chap.

Rescued after becoming entangled in a barbed wire fence, Silencer was terribly wounded and we had no choice but to amputate one of his badly damaged forelimbs. Fortunately, this gentle warrior adapted to life with three legs very quickly, and it was our pleasure to spend the next 7 years caring for him and keeping him safe.

Sadly, in late 2020, our dear old friend developed a bladder tumour and a condition known as cardiac dilation, which required ongoing treatment at our ABC and Rescue Center. A friendly face to welcome us first thing in the morning, and bidding us a fond goodnight at the end of every day, Silencer remained under our loving care until he bid us his final farewell, in February 2022. May his soul rest in peace.