A resting dog can burn up to 45 calories an hour. So, why be active when you can rest for an entire day and burn 1,080 calories!
Birth May 2013
Sex Female
Death October 2022

C alm and composed senior citizen Sita, was chilling on the curb when she was unexpectedly hit by a vehicle, the impact of which left her paralyzed from the bottom down. Despite the tragic accident, Sita loves humans as much as her four-legged friends, and she can often be found relaxing and dreaming away the hours at our Sanctuary. Although she’s unable to walk, this sweetheart will do her best to get up and show her excitement when she spots a new friend to meet!

Around mid September 2022, Sita started to develop drag wounds on her hind quarters that affected the quality of her life. To make matters worse, she developed pyometra too. On 03rd October, we had to take the difficult step of putting her to sleep to relieve her from further suffering. We take solace in the fact that we were able to give a few happy years to this adorable senior girl. Rest in Peace, Sita!