Snoop by name, Snoop by nature; I am so watchful and nosy, nothing gets past me!
Birth August 2015
Sex Male
Death February 2022

W ith a similar story to other breed dogs in our care, Snoop was found wandering the city streets with nowhere to go, and no home to call his own. While he was a little malnourished and clearly confused, he was otherwise fit and healthy and soon settled into life at the shelter. A friendly but excitable dog, Snoop was strong and often forgot his size when playing with his favourite humans!

By mid January 2022, Snoop started to suffer from enlargement of heart, respiratory distress, bloating and edema. Despite our best efforts to manage his condition with heart medicines and supportive therapy, his condition did not improve and he seemed to suffer more. We had to take the difficult decision to put him to sleep on 01 February. While we mourn his loss, we are extremely grateful to have given him a safe place for the last couple of years he shared with us. May his soul rest in peace!