Volunteering at HAS in March 2018

I spent a month and a half at the HAS shelter, and it was my first experience with an organization that deals with animals. I always wanted to work with dogs and I thought this could be the right opportunity to do it. I could not have asked for anything better. It took me a few days to learn the names of the dogs and to understand exactly the daily work to do, but thanks to the help of all the staff in a short time everything has become natural. I loved every single dog, from first to last! They do not ask anything but a little attention, some caress, some walk, a bathroom break every now and then, good food and above all ... lots of love! Taking care of them, even if in a limited time, made my days special in Coimbatore and I know that I will go back to Italy enriched with a wonderful experience! Thanks to all the staff, and a special thanks to the other volunteers, you all have made my adventure even more special. Thank you again!