Madhurii Aakula

"I am Madhurii Aakula and I am currently working with Statestreet HCL Services, Coimbatore. I relocated to Coimbatore as I changed my job in May 2015. I am extremely passionate about helping strays. I give food to Stray dogs and also try my best to make sure that all dogs around me are vaccinated & sterilized.

It all started when I saw a cute little pup roaming near the main gate of my office. It was in search of food. As soon as I saw it struggle, I thought to myself that I would feed it regularly and also get it de-wormed. I looked for an animal welfare organization in Coimbatore to help me find a permanent home for this little guy, as I was new to the city and couldn’t keep it for myself, but I couldn’t find an NGO too soon.

Soon after, to my horror, I saw that the pup had met with an accident in front of my office. I couldn’t take this scene and now I was desperate to find an animal welfare organization. Finally, I found Humane Animal Society through Facebook. I was very happy and attended the first adoption camp on October 2015 at HAS. I haven’t looked back ever since. If I need any help for picking the regular Stray dogs which I feed or ABC, HAS is very helpful in arranging pick-ups for ABC operation and also giving Anti Rabies vaccinations at my hostel area.

Thanks to HAS, we had ABC done for 9 Adult dogs. Also, of the 45 to 50 pups which I have fostered, 30 were adopted in HAS adoption camps and several were given vaccinations.

HAS is a place where you can help the voiceless and you are given opportunities to volunteer, rescue and foster. Any person who is compassionate about animals should be a part of HAS to help our voiceless buddies."