Sophia Barner

"As I arrived in India, I didn`t have any idea, what to expect. And if I am honest, in the beginning it was a little shock for me. I was absolutely not aware of the severe situation of animals on India’s streets. There are so many animals, especially dogs that suffer from malnutrition or are injured. This is really hard to see and also the fact that less people care about them is hard.. Luckily there is HAS, who dedicate their lives to make the situation for street animals better and I can say, that I am really proud that I was part of this organisation for a while. I wanted to work with an animal welfare organisation for a really long time and I can say that it was one of the best things in my life until now.

As I came here, I immediately felt really welcomed and comfortable. I got a nice flat, could do my own shopping, had WiFi and got a phone with a local number. Everything was well organised. I also really enjoyed it, that I could decide on my own, how long I want stay at the shelter and when I want to have my free days. I really enjoyed the work at the shelter and I always missed the dogs a bit, if I was home again. The staff was friendly and did good work. Sometimes we had some understanding problems, but else it was fine. Of course, there were some hard days too. if a puppy died or a severely injured dog came in. But there were more good days than bad and it was always nice to see, if a dog recovered from his illness or a puppy got adopted. One of the nicest things I saw there was, when two of the paralyzed dogs started walking again. One was a little puppy, who just started walking one day and became better and better by practicing and the other one was an older dog from who I thought, that she will never be able to walk again. I can`t say how happy and surprised I was, when I saw her standing and walking one day. It was like a miracle!