Victoria Taylor

All along my travel in Asia, I have recognized the severe situation of suffering street dogs. Seeing so many homeless and skinny dogs feeding on litter and plastic tore me apart. The last leg of my world trip I managed to visit beautiful India. Not only did I want to travel the country, but get a deeper insight into animal rescue and the situation of street dogs. 2 weeks in, I was lucky to get a chance to volunteer with Humane Animal Society, unfortunately only for a week ,however, this week was filled with overwhelm, emotion and realization.

I enjoyed working with the team at the shelter and most importantly the dogs. What a beautiful job, myself and Sophia, would wash, feed, clean and treat ones that needed our help. They were treated well many dogs and puppies would come in every few days with injuries or sickness and would need so much care from us. Once treated and healthy again the dogs would be advertised for adoption, however this proved to be a challenge. Many puppies would stay too long at the shelter. They need homes, families, more structure and freedom. I found it difficult to accept how big the problem of street dogs is in jot only Coimbatore but the whole of Tamil Nadu, India and Asia. HAS is doing all they can to help and is doing an absolute fantastic job. We just need your support and efforts to help the dogs in our world.

Please adopt, volunteer, donate or even spread the word to help give more dogs happier lives.