Julia & Tomas

First of all, we want to thank everyone involved in “Humane Animal Society“, for giving stray dogs and abandoned puppies a second chance. Through this organisation you show people, that a dog has a heart and soul and that they deserve a life in peace and not full of violence. Working with you showed us how important it is to give a better life to dogs or any other animal. Keep doing the good work – you are real angels

On our very first day, as we joined Team HAS at the shelter; we immediately loved being there. Most of the time we were socializing and training the puppies. We also spent some time with the “elder“ dogs, as they need a pat once in a while as well ;) We were helping in every possible way: socializing, helping the veterinarians, painting the kennels and doing some grooming work like removing ticks. We were very happy to help the animals in any way to make them feel comfortable. On the 3rd of July, it was a big day for all of us, especially for the puppies: The ADOPTION CAMP! What an emotional and successful day it was! It was a wonderful experience with over 50 pups and kittens being adopted. We really understood the meaning of the slogan ADOPT – DON´T SHOP!

Having a puppy is like having a child. It’s a lot of work, not just playing and feeding it. Some people are not aware of it and they think it is like bringing home a Christmas or birthday present“. As soon as they realize it’s not easy, they bring it back to the shelter, or even worse, just leave it on the street. This breaks our hearts the most! How can someone leave such a little soul alone on the street? Luckily “HAS” is doing their best to see if the families are ready for a dog before letting them adopt one. In between playing and socializing with the dogs, we even helped with painting the kennels with some other volunteers. It’s nice to see that once in a while people offer their free time to help the dogs. Big thanks to the many wonderful volunteers, for having a heart for animals.

In our third week of being with “HAS“, we spent a day at the sanctuary. It’s a huge farm, where dogs and even a horse are roaming freely, enjoying their life. It was so lovely to see, that animals live there in peace and harmony. So after a positively emotional three weeks stay with this organisation, we are very happy that we could help in every possible way and experience first-hand, what it means to give animals a better life. Again big thanks to all the staff at the shelter and sanctuary and all volunteers, for having such a big heart for those abandoned animals and offering your time, to make their lives happier. We definitely want to come back and help as much as we can. Continue your awesome work, as we really enjoyed being with the dogs. All of them have a special place in our hearts and we hope that more people start to appreciate a dog’s life like a human’s life.