"My Experience at HAS"- Ade

"I have heard so much about HAS from my daughter that when visiting her recently I thought this was my opportunity to see for myself. I love animals, especially dog's, so as a volunteer I accompanied Kate to the shelter.

Coming from a more developed country I am not familiar with the sickness and starvation resulting from the dogs living on the streets. Yes, for me it was distressing at first seeing the dogs and puppies, but the love, care and attention from the vets, staff and volunteers was amazing. They have a sterilization programme which helps to reduce the number of strays, and there is a rescue and rehoming scheme, where they encourage people to adopt the dogs as pets.

I also met Henry, a dog who had obviously suffered much unhappiness and pain before being rescued by HAS. Henry can only use his front legs and drags his back legs around. When he first arrived at the shelter he wouldn’t allow anyone to come near him, his life was spent in a large cage with no interaction with other dogs or people. But with the dedication and love of a volunteer who spent months just sitting with Henry, he gradually learned that he could trust her, and slowly allowed her to stroke him. Henry is still cautious of strangers, but his life now is spent outside with other dogs where he has the freedom of a large area, and I feel that he is now content, with no pain and no suffering, only care and dedication from all at HAS.

I helped to clean the pens and kennels, give the dogs food, fresh water and take the dogs for walks or just play with the puppies. It was an absolute pleasure for me volunteering at HAS, it honestly gave me so much joy. I was rewarded with loyalty, affection and love from the dogs and puppies. HAS is a place where animals are respected and loved. Well done to you all at the shelter, you are wonderful!”