Suraj Kumar

"I was introduced to HAS through my good friend Dhaval about two years ago; but, hadn't given much thought initially. I was in Tirupur then and had too many things to worry about. As luck/fate/destiny you name it would have it, my family was forced to move to Coimbatore for personal reasons. I was still keeping track of things happening at HAS through Dhaval; but, the move to Coimbatore was what led me to actively follow HAS on Facebook. I came to identify most of the members in the group. This gave me some hope for this conceited world that we live in. I was eager to make a difference but was always held back by something or the other. A series of events triggered on the social media was what got me eventually "involved" in the organisation. It made me realise that an organization is much more than just a few individuals. It is the face of humanity in these ugly times. It reinforced my resolve to do what I could for HAS; and from then on, I became an active volunteer of HAS.

My first activity was at the adoption camp at Perks Medical Center. I arrived at 8.30 am and got 'introduced' to my friends whom I had only known virtually through Facebook other than a few I had met earlier at a totally different setting. I was to start with an initial counselling session. I watched Manav guide the first few adoptees and joined in. The first day went on smoothly and by the end of the day, I was tired but elated by what we were able to accomplish. The presence of so many volunteers and their enthusiasm were endearing. I was hooked! The second adoption camp I attended ended up being even better than the first. By then, I was experienced enough to clear most of the beginners' doubts. There were more volunteers pouring in. It was heartening to note that people had come from as far as Pollachi and Dharapuram to adopt our pups. Some were so impressed with our work that their words of encouragement motivated us even further. I also met some of the volunteers who had gone out of the way to foster these adorable pups and kittens and the absolute dedication with which they had taken care of the pets was so commendable! One other adoption camp was the jewel on the crown for me where all the pups were adopted even before we had finished counselling! Many people who came in early had even adopted two each!! I made an amazing group of friends and always had something to look forward to. My son Varun also became a regular at the adoption camps and took pride in helping find forever homes to these lovely pets.

This was something that my nature of work had never allowed me to do, and so I began thinking of other ways where I could be of help. I also volunteered at the occasional work camps at the HAS sanctuary in Vazhukkuparai to help with painting kennels. I spent quality time with the dogs at the Seeranaickenpalayam facility too. I would like to end this note thanking all the volunteers who have become a family now; for, the camaraderie and the fun that is shared with, is second to none!"