Agneetha Amarnath

Since June 2012 I have been a volunteer at HAS where I have made new friends, took part and immensely enjoyed various activities and events, and of course was blessed to be with so many furry friends. When I was considering an internship before I started with my Masters in Conservation Biology, HAS was my first choice of organisation. Right from my childhood I had a love for pets and I always desired to be with them. When I heard about the veterinary assistant training program at Seeranaickenpalayam, I signed up for it immediately. I started my internship on 17th August, and each day gave me new experiences from which I learnt a lot.

Though I had owned and fostered pups earlier, it was only during this one month training that I had learned how to take care, nurse and to give basic medication to pups and dogs that were sick. I was also trained to provide first aid and special care to victims of road traffic accident. I also learnt from Siva anna to insert an IV properly and also I had assisted various spay/neuter surgeries, and also a tumor removal surgery. Today I know what needs to be done before a surgery and how to use the standard instruments. I learned to remove ticks effectively from not one or two, but from more than a dozen dogs! I was amazed as I saw a dog's transformation while it was being treated for skin infection. Two street dogs had given birth at the shelter during my time here, and from them I understood that not all moms tend to bite. When she trusts you, she will let you handle her litter. I also went with Team HAS during Rabies Drive at R.S Puram.

Among all the dogs that I have been with, Mani is one who is really close to my heart. When he was brought to the shelter, he would constantly bark at anyone who came near him, and it was difficult for anyone to socialize with him. When I was trying to be friends with him, Vishnu shared a few tips and tricks to make Mani friendly and over the next few weeks, we became very close. He would respond only to me, and will wait for me to give him his food. It was my interaction with him that taught me that not all barking dogs bite; some just do it out of fear.

My ambition is to join an animal welfare organization, a sanctuary, or a zoo, and this veterinary assistant training adds up as an experience in the same field. My training here has helped me in multiple ways to understand small animals better, and learn the basics of providing treatment and care to animals in need. Even after my internship period got over, I continue to visit the shelter and learn how much ever I can. Once I go abroad for my Masters, I would not be able to participate in activities here as much as I do now, and hence I will spend as much time as I can here till I leave.

THANKS A TON EVERYONE…!!! HAS will be My second home NOW and FOREVER…!!!